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We found a small error with our shipping rates and are in the process of adjusting it.Should reduce the shipping cost on small orders!We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.If anyone finds any errors or problems please contact us via twitter @RandomThingsCo Thanks GW

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Year in Review It's said that every 7 years humans go through a metaphysical transformation.... who the heck knows if that is true or even relevant to our site. Just another one of the Random Things we think about. 2014 was a record year for RandomThings.coAre continued partnership with great organizations like Combat Zone Wrestling and new partners like Honda Nation pushed us past all of our goals. We shipped to over 18 countries around the world with very few problems.Oh problems, there were a few. If you have ever had an issue with you know we are pretty fair about how we...

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We have made this as easy as we can... If you order without using the discount code there is nothing we can do about it. 

US Customers FREE SHIPPING  - code:  MERICA

10% off orders over $44 - code: AboveGroundPool

25% off orders over $125 - code: WarDeathFucking

$5 off all headwear - code: HatTrick

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On Monday night at 8 pm, my Canadian friend/official introductionist, Wiggy, will be launching the *NEW* Official Danny Havoc website, to replace my old, outdated, largely abandoned Tripod site.  I will be retaining editorial control and will continue to make posts at whim, but she is much more reliable and proactive than I am, so it will be much more regularly updated than when I was in sole command.  It looks great, and I'm really excited about it.  In celebration of the launch, we here at have decided that the Danny Havoc Minotaur design AND the new Nation of...

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2013 Year In Review The road has not been paved in gold but true to our deathmatch lifestyle, this road has been paved in broken glass, thumbtacks and barbed wire. I can only speak for myself (because according to Danny Havoc i am not smart enough to speak for anyone with a pulse)Oh yes.... Danny Havoc.. I would call him my friend but he tells me he hates me at least once a day. Either way the man is good for business. He has more talent than he knows what to do with. I guess thats were I come in....

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