Our Year in Review

2013 Year In Review

The road has not been paved in gold but true to our deathmatch lifestyle, this road has been paved in broken glass, thumbtacks and barbed wire. I can only speak for myself (because according to Danny Havoc i am not smart enough to speak for anyone with a pulse)
Oh yes.... Danny Havoc.. I would call him my friend but he tells me he hates me at least once a day. Either way the man is good for business. He has more talent than he knows what to do with. I guess thats were I come in. Our less than Dynamic Duo is the brains and muscle behind Randomthings.co

December 12th Site Black Out & Equipment Chaos

For the first time ever we experienced a site wide blackout and then a string of really bad luck. 
32 orders because of this system error were either never fulfilled. 
On 1-10-2014 we recovered all the orders and started the process of sorting them out. Some of the orders contained items that were out of print, those orders are being refunded in the order in which they were received. 
We have been reaching out to all the customer affected in an attempt to make this right. So far, almost everyone has been very understanding. As we stated earlier on Facebook, the 32 people inconvenienced by this blackout will be receiving an email with a special deep discount code sometime in February.

Website Relaunch Set for February

After the nightmare that was 12/12/13, we decided to move our store to a more stable platform. The move will also allow us to give away a lot more random things with a customer rewards and affiliate programs. We will post more about the new store as it becomes available.

The Office of Death

Remodeled The Office

While our General Manager Danny Havoc was on tour in Japan (BJW) I decided to remodel his office. 
This will allow us to stock more items and help ensure faster shipping. Its not much to look at but its a vast improvement from what it was. 

 We hope that 2014 is going to be bigger and better then 2013. 
Thanks For All The Support