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NEW Danny Havoc Official Website Coming Next Monday! SALE to Celebrate!

On Monday night at 8 pm, my Canadian friend/official introductionist, Wiggy, will be launching the *NEW* Official Danny Havoc website, to replace my old, outdated, largely abandoned Tripod site.  I will be retaining editorial control and will continue to make posts at whim, but she is much more reliable and proactive than I am, so it will be much more regularly updated than when I was in sole command.  It looks great, and I'm really excited about it.  In celebration of the launch, we here at have decided that the Danny Havoc Minotaur design AND the new Nation of Intoxication "Under The Influence" shirt will both be available at HALF PRICE!  That's right, for the low, low price of $10, you can purchase either of these shirts and join in my revelry about somebody else now doing the legwork to maintain my [decidedly minimal] online presence, all while being appropriately attired!  In conjunction with the website, we've struck a deal by which I've compromised about social networking (a very tiny bit)...I agreed that the site can be combined with an official site Twitter account, to post updates and forthcoming appearances, on the condition that I didn't have to be the one to post or have anything to do with it.  SO...there will now be an official Danny Havoc [website] Twitter, however, it will be operated by my webmistress and not me.

Just type in discount code havocsite (for the Minotaur shirt) or djisfat (for the Nation shirt) to take advantage of this deal!  And keep your eyes peeled for the new Danny Havoc website, the URL of which will be made public on Monday night!  BE EXCITED!