Tournament of Death 12

WOW.... just WOW!!!

#TeamRandomThings attended our first LIVE CZW Tournament of Death (June 8th, 2013)
Our staff photographer (Rocco) took some great shots of all the blood and mayhem. We will post some of the images really soon.

The day started off a little slow and rainy. We arrived at the Ultraviolent underground a few hours early to help setup the merchandise. CZW owner DJ Hyde was very close to calling off the event when it looked like no one was going to show. I did my best to give him my standard positive energy pep-talk. Maybe it worked because soon after the people started arriving by the bus load (literally). 

The show was pushed back 1 hour because of mud issues. Not to bad, just gave the fans a chance to pick up the Tournament of Death 12 event t-shirt that was designed by Danny Havoc & myself.

We dont want to give away any spoilers but we can tell you that there was a lot of barbed wire, thumbtacks, light tubes and an assortment of fan built weapons.
I know I can speak for our entire team when I say that CZW is truly "LIKE NOTHING ELSE".


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