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We have made this as easy as we can... If you order without using the discount code there is nothing we can do about it. 

US Customers FREE SHIPPING  - code:  MERICA

10% off orders over $44 - code: AboveGroundPool

25% off orders over $125 - code: WarDeathFucking

$5 off all headwear - code: HatTrick

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On Monday night at 8 pm, my Canadian friend/official introductionist, Wiggy, will be launching the *NEW* Official Danny Havoc website, to replace my old, outdated, largely abandoned Tripod site.  I will be retaining editorial control and will continue to make posts at whim, but she is much more reliable and proactive than I am, so it will be much more regularly updated than when I was in sole command.  It looks great, and I'm really excited about it.  In celebration of the launch, we here at RandomThings.co have decided that the Danny Havoc Minotaur design AND the new Nation of...

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Citizens!  Consumers!  Slaves to the Bourgeois Capitalist Agenda!  Attention: My name is Daniel Tiberius Havoc.  I'm typing this to act as a dated, logged, and easily-accessible item of evidence for the defense of my very good friend/the hapless rube who was foolish enough to give me the Admin password to this website, Tony.  In a move of shocking naiveté totally unbecoming someone who has seen me drunk as often as he has, Tony asked me the other day to rewrite the product descriptions on the website to give them a little more "pizzaz."  Now, anyone who is familiar with the...

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