Danny Havoc - Deathmatch Tank

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"Be the coolest kid on your block by rocking the officially DH-Sponsored awesomeness that is this DEATHMATCH SHIRT!  Stop traffic as people foolishly brake in the middle of busy intersections to puzzle over what the hell a "Death Match" is!  Cause huge 10-to-20 car pileups!  Hopefully a school bus will be involved!  The more dead children, the better!  Their screams will carry for miles in the stillness of the night air!  No more birthdays for little Billy, EVER AGAIN!!! The world is becoming increasingly overcrowded...BUY NOW, and BE PART OF THE SOLUTION!"

~ Danny Havoc

Amendment: What was once a shirt, complete with two sleeves, is now a TANKTOP!  Sure, the old model will be more likely to help you stay warm as you struggle to find food in the nuclear winter that is likely impending, when the sky turns black and ashes rain down so thickly you can scarcely see the child you're hunting for dinner, but if you're going to go around wearing all that extra fabric, then WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GO TO THE GYM FOR?!?